Capoeira Workshops with Contra Mestre Aloan!

June 13, 2017


Come join us for special Capoeira Angola workshops with Contra Mestre Aloan from FICA Bahia in Brazil!


He is only in the United States visiting through this weekend, don't miss this great opportunity to learn and get some of that energy fresh from Bahia!


Friday -      7pm to 9pm Movement class 

Saturday-  9am to 11am Movement class
                  Lunch Break
                  12 am to 1 pm Music class 
                  1 pm to 3 pm Roda 

$20 per class or $45 for Friday and Saturday events


 Aloan Santana Damasceno started Capoeira at the age of 9 years old. Son and student of Mestre Valmir Damasceno, CM Aloan began teaching Capoeira Angola in 2005. He was given the title of Treinel in 2011 by the International Capoeira Angola Foundation and has participated in important international events of Capoeira, teaching in various European countries, the United States and Colombia. CM Aloan has extensive experience in leading movement and music classes, making berimbaus and caxixis, and passing on the history and philosophy of Capoeira Angola to his students. He is currently one of the teachers of FICA-BA as well as a social educator in the Fundação Cidade Mãe (an agency of the city of Salvador) where he teaches Capoeira Angola to children and adolescents 7-17 years.

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