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Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola Classes: 

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Capoeira Angola cultivates control of emotions, body and mind.  Capoeira Angola is a rigorous workout that resembles both martial arts and dance.  It also develops a cultural philosophy; rich in music, community and Afro-Brazilian ancestral connections.  Capoeira Angola develops a dialogue between two bodies.

In class, students of all ages will learn and practice the basic movements of Capoeira, both solo and with partners while following the teacher through movements and sequences.  Students will also learn the songs of Capoeira and through them, the Portugues language & Afro-Brazilian history & culture.  Students will sing as well as learn to play instruments such as berimbau, pandeiro, agogo, reco-reco and atabaque as part of the class.  Students should wear comfortable shoes, pants(no shorts) and loose fitting t-shirts.

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