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Percussion Classes

Learn the basics and intricacies of Brazilian Percussion.  Espaço Cultural Samba Trovão offers classes in Pandeiro, Congas and Samba Reggae.  In each class you will learn the different sounds each instrument can make, how to draw the richest sound from the instrument as well as rhythms from basic to complex and finally variations to layer over each rhythm. Classes are taught by Brazilian native BabaJan with decades of percussive experience rooted in Bahia, Brazil.

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Samba Trovão

Samba Trovão is a samba reggae percussion group in the traditional style of the Bloco Afros from Brazil.  

The basic rhythms come from a mixture of traditional rhythms of African origin.

Samba reggae is a percussive style that characterizes, in conceptual terms, the glorification of blacks and, in musical terms, the re-foundation of sounds of afro-americans.

The rhythm was drawn from the dialogue between percussion instruments and vocals.  Samba-reggae comes together in drums with surdos, repiniques, timbal and more. 

The rhythm has been designed with core elements; a band formed by various kinds of drums, where each performer enhances their instruments; the choreography of the drummers and the themes of the songs that plunge into the joys and pitfalls of the world community.

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