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Guest Teacher Bios!

For our grand opening we are pleased to offer classes by 2 amazing guest teachers from Brazil!

On Friday, April 28, 2017 Treinel Roque will be teaching a special Capoeira Angola class from 7pm - 9pm.

Roque Bomfim Batista de Jesus started capoeira in 2001 participating in a project making and selling instruments with FICA Bahia. Since this time he fell in love with the art and how it is taught by Mestre Valmir.

Roque Bomfim Batista de Jesus

After years of dedication, Roque started teaching children as a part of the GRUCON project in Massaranduba, a community in the inner suburbs of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. At this time Roque was also responsible for teaching some classes at FICA Bahia. In 2007, Roque got involved in two social justice projects with adolescents: Kilombo Tenonde and and cultural association in Bomfim. For Roque, Capoeira Angola is a life philosophy, one with which he continues to grow, mature and liberate himself. This art offers discipline and a state of consciousness to help understand the world. In May of 2008, Roque began teaching capoeira angola in Quebec, Canada, sharing his knowledge and foundation with children, adolescents and adults. In this manner he is continuing the work started by his Mestres Valmir, Cobra Mansa and Jurandir.

On Saturday, April 29th, 2017 Guilherme Antonio da Silva will teach a Frevo Dance class from 2 pm - 3pm

Guilherme Antonio da Silva aka "Pivete" in the hip hop and graffiti art world learned the art of Frevo with Professor Limao do Guerreiro do Passos in Recife starting in 2004. With the intent of passing this culture of Frevo dance from Recife to the world Guilherme has taught Frevo in Germany and Switzerland. Last year Guilherme started his group "District of Frevo" in Washington DC.

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